Having the freedom to choose how and where you spend your time will change your life. Often, people are stuck in the rat race, go to work, sacrifice time for money, get home, go to bed and then do it all over again. Those of you who have these dreams of unlimited travel and being free, this is a good place to start.

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The wealthy understand that unless they find enjoyment in what they do, they're probably not going to want to do very much of it and certainly be the best at it. Besides, your most important resource in this world isn't money, it's time. So find ways to spend your days doing things you actually like doing. Cultivate the right habits to become rich.

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Make more money through simple habits

This article from Tyler C. Beaty provides simple, daily routines that can easily improve your career and help make more money.  The tips provided meet all our criteria for habits.  They are easy, repetitive, require some planning and most importantly, they are proactive.  Also important is how the tips feed off one another.  Preparation, meditation, exercise, all important, and all are different sides of the same coin - repeated habits.   See how this fits with our techniques for making and breaking habits.

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10 Things you MUST do if you want to lose weight

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