Master Life And Business By Doing This One Thing

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What do you consider to be the one most important thing you need to do in order to become successful? Do you need to have talent? Do you need to be well-connected? Do you need to work really hard? Jason Cohen shows you how.

All of the above are definitely needed but none of the above matters if you don’t make a clear mental decision first. And that is commitment. Your commitment must work hand in hand with your personal development.

Without personal development your talent will never have the chance to fully blossom. Personal development is the big secret behind every success story.

If there is one thing for me to work on it’s the ability to strengthen my character through the exercising of my free will. Free will is what evolves us as people and allows us to adopt a life of personal and professional growth.

Master life and business by doing this one thing

Free will is our ability to take an action that we choose regardless of how we think or feel about a situation.

If someone calls you “worthless” and all you want to do is to punch them in the face, your ability to override that feeling and walk away from that person is your free will. Exercising your free will properly puts you on path of controlling the one thing in life you can truly control, you.

The process of strengthening your free will is the building of your character.

When you look at difficulties in your life and exercise your free will to make good choices those difficulties become opportunities to strengthen your character. Those with strong character preserver in business because they have a strong resolve pointed at the right target and are capable of staying on target.

There is only one thing you can control in this world. It’s you.

If you want to feel miserable, focus on trying to control the actions of other people. You will be disappointed by the expectations you set for them. They will never live up to them. Plus, when you try to control their free will they will resent you for it. It’s better to influence others by exercising your free will and controlling your actions. Set an example for others. This will increase the expectations they set for themselves.

Look at challenges in your life as opportunities to strengthen your free will and gain a new perspective on challenges in general.

Challenges will remain a pain. However, look at it as a game. Let’s say your boss is behaving immaturely and all you want to do is to yell back at them. Stop, think for a moment and say to yourself, “I’m going to turn this into a game. Can I resist the urge to yell back for some quick satisfaction or can I restrain myself for my own greater long term good?” Repeat this process over and over and you will strengthen your character through a stronger free will. You need this resilience when life really challenges you.

Why do bad things happen to good people?

The answer is simple. They are meant to be truly great people. The “bad” thing that is happening is a test of your free will. What will you choose to do regardless of how you are thinking or feeling about your circumstance? If you exercise your free will properly in your bad circumstance the experience takes you to the next level. You may have lost greatly, but you were meant to be tested to be better.

Can free will be applied to groups of people, to society as a whole?

Yes, but it is not. There is an absence of exercising free will in society in a good way. In a “developed” society where we have a strong free will there would be no war. We would keep our emotions and thoughts from turning into actions that destroy one another. Thousands of years of developing societies and we still kill one another on an epic scale. As a society we fail at this free will challenge. In order to become a truly evolved society, war can’t occur any more. A truly evolved society is one that can exercise it’s free will in a good way.

Free will is up to the individual.

For society to benefit from it we need to all learn how to develop our free will and character individually to move society forward as a whole. From a business perspective, a strong free will and character allows business leaders to preserver in challenging times and make themselves and their companies better for it.

If you truly want to rise above and be great start building your character by exercising your free will in a good way.

Flow like water

Do this often. Gamify if you must. Your greatest strength and happiness in life will come from your ability to control yourself and by no longer trying to control others. Bruce Lee called it, “flowing like water”.


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