Become a better person by overcoming adversity

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This article by Marala Scott helps us get a better understanding of how we can become better persons when we learn how to overcome adversity

There is a certain truth in that our finest moments are most likely to occur when we are feeling deeply uncomfortable, unhappy, or unfulfilled. For it is in times like these that we propelled by our discomfort instead of being brought to a standstill. In times like these we are compelled to step out of our ruts and start searching for different ways or truer answers. This article by Marala Scott helps us get a better understanding of how we can become better persons when we learn how to overcome adversity

Although life isn’t easy, whether it’s been good or bad, everything is a part of the journey.   These are the experiences and lessons that we are to draw strength from and build upon to help us in our future. There isn’t a handbook warning us of the plight and pain we will face, but there is a solution.

The solution is this: work to overcome adversity instead of falling prey to them.

I know what you’re thinking: sounds easy, but how do you do it?
My Experience Overcoming Adversity
Three years ago, my life was wonderful. My children brought a light to my life that could never burn out and my marriage carried as much joy as one possibly could have. I had forgiven the people that caused the painful situations in my childhood and let it all go. I spent my time inspiring others to do the same so they could focus on what was important.

And then, things changed. I was diagnosed with multiple brain aneurysms and my life changed forever, for the better.

I’ve definitely had my share of experience overcoming adversity. When I encountered a new situation that seemed completely devastating, I began to reflect on the strength that was born inside of me out of the very pain I was experiencing.

There came a point when I accepted a fact of life: that just because you experience trauma, pain, and negative situations that leave a deep scar across your heart, doesn’t mean they should hold you back. After all, there will be more hurdles to jump. It’s how you decide to handle it that will make the difference in your future.

But how do you reframe the way you handle difficulties in life? There are steps you can take so that overcoming obstacles can be possible for you.

Tips On Overcoming Adversity

  1. Have faith in yourself.  Faith is required when overcoming adversity. Believe you can by telling yourself, “I am going to overcome this.” Your state of mind is more important than the situation, because that is where courage, strength, and miracles are born.

  2. Know you have nothing to lose.  Faith is powerful when you truly believe – so believe, as you have nothing to lose except worry, fear, and things you can’t control. You just need to.

  3. Remember: this isn’t the end.  Understand that whatever you are faced with is a part of life’s experiences, and it won’t be the first nor last. Use it to cultivate a stronger version of you.

I didn’t know about all of the challenges I had awaiting me, but I wasn’t afraid to face them or fight. Overcoming adversity can give you even more faith, strength, courage and a desire to make your life count. Let your obstacles give you yet another reason to appreciate your life, along with everything in it.


Marala Scott is a multi-award winning author, inspirational speaker, leadership advocate, humanitarian and Oprah Ambassador of Hope who has taken her prolific life story and written about it in the groundbreaking book In Our House: Perception v Reality (Premier Digital).


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