4 sure signs you need to have more fun

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Are you being energetically drained? If so you need to make changes immediately in your life, positive changes that will make you have more fun in your day to day living. Surrounding yourself with positive people, learning to say no and making time for yourself will allow you to have more fun.


Do you need to have more fun?

In this article by Steven Aitchison, he focuses on the sure signs that are draining all your energy. You need to make positive adaptations to these and I guarantee that you will have more fun. Do you know what it feels like to have the life sucked out of you?

Here are some signs that you are being energetically drained. If you have experienced any of these signs, then you should probably avoid these people in the future or try to limit the time you spend with them and you will end up having more fun.

1. When people take advantage of your kindness and good nature.

You are a yes person and have such a difficult time saying no. It pains you to have to use the word no, so you just say yes instead. This pattern of saying yes all the time is draining you because you know the people that keep asking are taking advantage of you. Almost to the point where there is nothing left of you.

2. Hanging with negative people for too long.

There’s that negative Nancy again and you can’t get away from her. She has you cornered and you are now subjected to her ranting and venting about her family, her husband and everybody else who has done her wrong. So much negativity and no matter how hard you try to shield yourself from her, it’s futile. The minute she leaves, you are exhausted.

3. Being the only one in a relationship trying to make it work.

The other person is complacent and doesn’t see a problem where you know one exists. Nothing is working and you are desperately hanging on to the last thread of love there is. The other person goes about their day like it’s nobody’s business and is completely oblivious to the struggle you are facing. If you are in a relationship like this, maybe it’s time to pack it in. Relationships are two ways, not single sided.

4. Not taking any me time.

When you run around constantly day in and day out for everyone else but yourself, you will eventually crash. You will definitely suffer a physical crash but energetically you be spent. Nothing left. Done. Taking time for yourself is of the utmost importance. You are a people pleaser and there really is nothing wrong with that as long as you take care of person number one, which is you.

Have you ever given any thought to scheduling your leisure time? Many of us find it all too easy to let our evenings and weekends fall into a comfortable – and often rather boring or unsatisfactory – routine.

Plan your leisure time to get the most out of both your work and your play, give your leisure time a little structure too.  


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