The top five rules for 'successful' families

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When asked, most people want to be "successful" in life, in their marriages and their parenting. But what does it actually mean to be "successful?" Is it to be the best that you can be? This is a list of five rules that through the correct habit building pathways you can have a successful family.


In this article by Dave Willis, he has five basic rules on what a successful family should strive to do always. As with all habits, the bad habits quite often need to be broken before you can build the great new habits that will provide you and your family to be the successful family that you want and deserve to be.

Building the correct habits takes time and there are a number of fundamental steps that need to be taken on your path to success.

Successful family rules

As a “successful” family, always strive to…

1. Value character over charisma.

We don’t want to be impressive; we want to be real. In our home, we will not compromise our integrity to achieve popularity, accolades or monetary gain. We understand that any “success” that happens at the expense of our character is not really success.

2. Give each other unconditional love AND high expectations.

Most families are good at one or the other (or neither) of these, but both are incredibly important. Love must be given freely and without condition, but simultaneously, we must love each other enough to expect the best. In love, we propel each other on towards continuous improvement in all aspects of life (career, health, faith, academics, etc.)

Follow these guidelines that will lead you and your family to a happy, proactive and creative household, in an environment where everyone can be the best that they can be. Build a strong, close family with these good family habits.

3. Be there for each other.

Our families don’t need more gifts or gadgets; they need more of us. They need our presence, not our presents. Our time is our greatest commodity and we should invest it into the relationships that matter most.

'Family, where life begins and love never ends'

4. Always tell each other the truth.

Trust is the foundation of every healthy family, so we will fight for trust and always expect truth and honesty from each other. When we’ve blown it, we’ll be quick to admit it and we’ll seek forgiveness and work to rebuilt trust.

5. Never give up on each other!

A “perfect family” is just a group of imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other! In good times, celebrate with each other. In hard times, lean on each other. In all times, do life together.

I encourage you to work hard at building great habits that will help you and your family strive towards achieving the 'success' you deserve. A successful family is one in which there is an abundance of love.

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