How To Become An Explorer of Your Life

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Jaden Rose Phoenix, founder of Alchemy Wisdom says if he could share 500 words to inspire, this is the important wisdom he'd want to pass along to others...


Wonder. Curiosity. Awe. Amazement. As we grow, we often lose these childlike qualities that make life a true gift. If we’re lucky, we have our own children, and get to rediscover the newness of the world.

But that curiosity can be hard to hold onto. We often get stuck in life. We are told that this is the way things are. We are told not to ask questions. We are limited by fears or voices in our heads that tell us our dreams aren’t possible.

We forget that solutions exist outside of the multiple choice options we have been given. We forget to get curious when something doesn’t work. We give up easily and allow ourselves to be limited. We forget that there is a lot of space out beyond the box that we’ve been put in. And curiosity is the antidote, helping us overcome the limitations we face in life.

Practice stating “this is not what I think it is” each time you think about a problem. This is a simple way of beginning to cultivate curiosity. If it is not what you think, then what could it possibly be? This answer is not as important as the practice of beginning to think with curiosity. The question interrupts our habitual reactions and forces us to consider something new.

It is curiosity that allows us to experiment–and fail–a thousand times before finally achieving our desires. It is curiosity that allows us to see failure as simple information, and to discover a different way to try again.

It is curiosity that spurs us to turn into our fears and ask, what are you about? Why are you pursuing me? Is it possible that we could do this differently?

It is curiosity that asks what might it feel like to be something other than our thoughts. What might it feel like to not think today, to simply be? And curiosity spurs the experiments, the introspection, the willingness to leap into the unknown with no map and discover the space of our limitlessness.

Even more importantly, curiosity is what saves us when we’ve followed the instructions in all the manuals, and still can’t replicate the teacher’s results. Instead of giving up, we ask, “that’s funny, I wonder what I need to do differently?”

And once we’ve cultivated this curiosity and are in the habit of staying curious, a funny thing happens. We care less about what other people are telling us and more about our own pursuits and direction. We begin to allow our curiosity and wonder to lead us to the next amazing thing that no one else has even imagined yet!
We are the discoverer, the explorer, the pioneer on the edges of what is possible, navigating brave new worlds and showing others that the world is more limitless than they’ve ever dreamed!

To truly access all of the power and magic of your limitless self, simply cultivate a curious spirit and watch the possibilities open to you!

Jaden Rose Phoenix
Jaden Rose Phoenix is an internationally-respected master teacher and alchemist. Jaden is the founder of Alchemy Wisdom, a healing arts center focused on creating life-changing transformation for clients.?
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