Stop these habits that will stunt your career growth now

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Having a good work ethic is all about making the correct habits. Or possibly, even more important would be breaking the bad ones. Bad habits in the work place that will be stunting your career growth include texting to often and arriving late. Get to work on time and stop these negative career habits today.

In this article by Ritika Trikha, you will find habits that very successful people have avoided and have ultimately led to their success. Taking steps to quit poor daily habits at work is a great step to self-conditioning yourself for legendary success.

 Five habits that are preventing you from growing in your career


1. Surfing the Web

Managers say they could really do without employees’ inappropriate use of the Internet, according to Matthew Randall, Executive Director of the Center for Professional Excellence at York College of PA, who cites the school’s latest professionalism survey.“Roughly 87 percent of the 400-plus managers we surveyed” said Web surfing a huge problem, he said.

It’s tough, I know, a Reddit break here and there makes for a much faster work day. But it’s a slippery slope that could slide you right down to a dangerous procrastination zone.

2. Texting too often

We’re probably all guilty of it — it only takes a second right?But “80 percent of managers cite seeing text messages at inappropriate times” as one of the worst habits, Randall says.Whatever you do, don’t text during meetings. “What this subliminally tells employers is that an employee cannot manage a schedule,” Randall says. Of course, emergencies are an exception. But “if someone is always checking their phone, they cannot be attentive in the room.”

3. Showing up late

Cruising in late makes you look bad — especially compared to someone who, without fail, is at his desk with coffee ready to go right at the start of the workday. If you want to do one worse, get in the habit of missing deadlines. Tardiness, in general, is a dangerous pattern.“Even missing minor deadlines gives someone a reputation that they are unreliable and can’t get things done on time,” Randall says. “Sometimes perception really is reality.”

4. Failing to respond to emails

In order to work smart, prioritize your emails; but never let emails slide. If it will take two minutes to respond, get it out of the way. If it takes longer, make sure you make a note in your calendar to respond.

“Depending on the culture of your company and job, at a minimum, you should be clearing your emails on a daily basis,” says Kathryn Ullrich, executive search consultant at Kathryn Ullrich Associates.

If you’re too busy for an emailed task, don’t leave them hanging! Ullrich suggests sending a quick note like: “I’m busy today but I’ll look into these numbers and get back to you by Friday with the information you need.” Make a note to follow up.

5. Passing work to others

Have you ever worked with someone who tries to unload some of their work onto your shoulders? He might sound something like this, says Ullrich: “What do you think we should do for this next marketing campaign? When do you think we should send it? What should we say in the messaging?” Don’t be that guy. Instead, Ullrich says a better way to go about it is to “put together a straw-man draft and use it to solicit input or buy-in: “Here’s what I am planning. Does it fit with your schedule/needs?”Avoid these five signs that your work ethic may be less than admirable… and watch your career take off!


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