These habits will make your love stronger

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We all have our own personal habits, both good and bad. Good habits are life enhancing, like exercising, eating well and practicing meditation every morning. But bad habits can be frustrating, irritating and destructive. Follow these good habits that will create good habits of love.


Identify the things that give you inner strength and drive.  Note that these aren't the external things like wealth , prestige or fame. Inner satisfaction comes from being aware of your needs and following those. To become aware of your needs, start each day with gratitude time.  Create a habit of mindfulness, or meditation at a time which suits your lifestyle, and be grateful. Learn to say "thank you" and "I love you" for small things, and large, for things that people do to you, and for the unique gifts that you have. Become your best and maximize your emotional time.

Say I love you

 It’s time to get honest with yourself. In this article by Rachael Lay, she asks if you have fallen into some bad love habits? If you are willing to acknowledge where you can make some changes, and then replace those bad love habits with even just a couple of the following good love habits, you’ll be surprised at the dramatic improvement you can make in your relationship.

Say I Love You

On leaving the house, and returning, and before going to sleep, try to remember to say ‘I love you’. No matter how sure you are your partner knows you love them, they need to hear the words.

Make contact

Give regular hugs or some kind of physical contact every single day. Forgetting to initiate or avoiding contact with each other is a sure way to create a barrier to intimacy in your relationship.

Offer praise

Acknowledge and praise something your partner has done well, a decision they have made, or a goal they have achieved and enjoy basking in the glow of them feeling validated and good about themselves.

Make time to regroup every day

Turn off the TV and talk, have dinner together, go for a walk after dinner or go to bed half an hour earlier to cuddle and talk. Uninterrupted, focused, one-on-one time is essential for a healthy relationship.

Go to bed at the same time more often than not

While having different sleep patterns is fine, always having completely different bed times makes it harder to find time for cuddles in the dark or some good hot loving.

Do something special for your partner

Making an effort to do something your partner enjoys is a great way to show them you are thinking about them, and want to make them happy. Try to think of a small thing to do each week that will surprise your partner, and make them smile.

Give your full attention

When your partner is talking to you, turn away from the TV, your phone or the computer, make eye contact with them, focus on them and what they are saying, and make them really feel heard and valued.

Exercise together

Doing something as simple as walking the dog together, wandering around the park, or walking along the beach is not only great together time, but will also improve your health and fitness, making you both feel good, and more inclined to get naked

Get curious

Don’t just let your partner talk about themselves, or their day, while you silently nod and listen. Think about questions to ask that will keep you learning more about how they tick, what they feel about certain things, and what’s important to them at the moment.

Love consciously

With everything you think to say, or do, ask yourself if that action will take you closer to the love you want, or further away from it. Make a habit of becoming conscious about whether your behavior affects your partner, and your relationship positively or negatively.

Creating positive love habits is a powerful way to keep improving your relationship, little by little. You don’t have to take large, extreme leaps to create your best love, you can take it day by day, and keep strengthening your love, with easy to implement good love habits that take little time, but can have a huge impact.

We all have bad habits and they can easily be affecting the love in our relationships. If it was easy to break them, we probably wouldn't have them in the first place.

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It is the month of Love after all!


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