10 great habits for all active people over 60

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Don't you wish that you could be as fit and healthy as you were when you were in your 20's? You can, take some advice from one of the fittest men over 70 on the planet, make these habits apart of who you are and you will be inspired.


This is a great article, on being an athlete. Written be Guy Tocom and of course non other than Gary Player. Just in case you aren't sure, Gary Player is a South African golfer, possibly one of the greatest to play the game and these are 10 of his habits that he swears by.

How to be an athlete over 60 (even over 70)


When I was 9, my older brother, Ian, was called off to war. Before he left, he took me aside. "I might not come back," he said. "But whether I do or don't, I want you to promise me that you'll always exercise and keep yourself fit." When Ian got home, he found I had kept my promise, and today I'm about as fit as a 75-year-old man can be. The secret is commitment. It cannot be a fad. Even if your exercise program is small, you must make it a part of your life.


Not just on the course, but off. Good walker-golfers can go 36 and have energy to spare. Sam Snead had a wonderful stride and a rapid, consistent pace. He moved like a jungle animal and never tired. On the flip side, I once played with a famous football player in the old NFL Golf Classic. He was known for his endurance, but after three days he was absolutely whipped. Walking is natural, but you can improve at it: Walk rapidly and smoothly, swinging your arms to help you breathe.


The perfect golfer would look like Popeye: thin waist, powerful legs, huge forearms, with the left and right sides equally strong. When you perform any repetitive motion like the golf swing, it's important to strengthen the corresponding muscle groups. Swinging a weighted club is a great exercise, but if you're right-handed, make the same number of swings left-handed. This will keep your back and hips in balance and prevent injury.


Henry Cotton once told me that your hands, fingers and wrists can never be too strong. Hitting practice balls will work out your hands, but you want to do special exercises, too. Suspending free weights using your thumb and each finger individually is a big help.

I do my favorite hands-and-wrists exercise when my grass at home gets long. I take a sand wedge (the heaviest club in the bag) and "cut the grass" with it, holding on firmly so I can accelerate to a full finish.


Strengthening your core muscles, your stomach especially, has become a mantra in golf-training programs. It's not news to me; I've always felt that my core essentially holds my body together and prevents back injuries. I still do sit-ups. I can do hundreds in a day as long as I break them up into two or three sessions.


Golf is the game for a lifetime, but that lifetime will be shorter if you're overweight. And while you're at it, encourage a young person to lose weight. Every week, I make a point of finding an overweight youngster in the gallery and taking his father aside. I tell these fellows, privately and very politely, "My son is a diabetic, and my father was a diabetic. When you get diabetes, you take insulin twice a day, and that doesn't stop it from affecting your eyes, your liver, your limbs and everything else. Please get your son on a good diet now." I think they're usually grateful.


The biggest technological advance in golf in the next 50 years won't be equipment or exercise. It'll be nutrition. Pro athletes will have "super diets" and will avoid starches, sugar and most of the commercial foods available today, which are loaded with all kinds of steroids, pesticides, sewage and industrial wastes. They'll eat "super foods," such as almond milk, which is loaded with proteins and tons of nutrients. Other common examples of super foods are raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole-grain breads, avocado and yogurt.

Most people have some “bad” eating habits that they find hard to break. Because of these, our bodies are permanently under assault from toxins and over time, this can damage cellular health and contribute to the ageing process and age related diseases. These five habits to make will also set you on the right road towards maximum overall health.


Whether it's climbing stairs in your house, riding an exercise bike or jumping rope, the key is to get at least slightly out of breath for 10 minutes. It's practically impossible to be badly out of shape if you do this each and every day. Be opportunistic; an example is to always take the stairs instead of the elevator. I make a game of seeing how long I can go without using an elevator. And I always trot, not trudge, up the stairs.

At The Life Habit, our reasons to start exercising, or more specifically running, vary from person to person.  Do you want to lose weight?  Are you preparing for your first 5km fun run or half marathon? Or is it just your new years resolution?  What ever your reason, in this article we will show you how to stick to it by adopting some good habits.  Become a good runner by making these 7 habits your own


When other players first saw my weight-training program back in the 1950s, they thought I was crazy. Frank Stranahan, a terrific amateur player, and I were the only ones doing it. In fact, lifting weights has made me a better golfer. Two suggestions:First, bench presses are very popular, but I still prefer old-fashioned push-ups to strengthen the chest.

Second, do your weight training in the evening, and follow it immediately with a shower--cold water, then hot. This will help your body recover faster, so you aren't as stiff the following day.


When I'm on vacation, I try to play golf with younger people, the fitter the better. I think you tend to take on the characteristics of the individuals you spend the most time with. Doing activities with young, healthy people has had a way of making me rise to their level. The best traits of young people--their optimism, curiosity, alertness and energy--are contagious and will definitely make you feel younger.

To really be fulfilled and achieve to your potential, you need to do the things that inspire, drive and energize you. Become your best by maximizing your emotional time.

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