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Are you unhappy and overweight? This inspirational story by Lisa Nevitt about a man who made gradual changes to his lifestyle habits will get you going to make a difference in your life.  Read the story of Rick Van Tonder and how he lost 45kgs by changing his habits gradually.

Unhappy and Overweight

The Wake-Up

When I finished school, I gave up all the sports I’d participated in, and became physically inactive. I fell into the bad habit of eating unhealthy food, at the wrong time of day.

One day I caught sight of myself in the mirror, and the years of neglect hit me all at once. ‘Who is this person staring back at me?’ I asked myself, because up until that point I’d never considered myself overweight. Now I was facing up to the fact that I wasn’t the slim, sporty teenager I used to be, and I knew I’d never be entirely happy if I didn’t do something about it.

The Shake-Up

As with all long-term lifestyle changes, it had to be gradual. I visited a dietician, and on a round-the-world trip with my wife, we walked a lot. A few months into the trip I started running, and when we returned to South Africa, I joined a running club.

Bad habits were easy to fall back into, and temptation knocked at my door. But running played a huge role in my weight loss, particularly the last 15 kilograms, which were the hardest to shake off. And besides, a lighter person runs faster, which was a huge motivation to slim down.

The Reward

Of the 100 races I’ve participated in over the last couple of years, 25 of those have been half marathons. My best half-marathon time is 1:35.20, and I’ve achieved a 10-K PB of 41.30.I’ve learned that I prefer feeling and looking good, as opposed to looking at an out-of-shape reflection in the mirror. Running has given me a healthy body, and a life filled with positivity. I’m more confident in myself, and in my abilities as a human being.

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