Principles of sustainable habits

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Our habit techniques are designed to make sure you build great habits, and destroy old, destructive ones. We call this the Multiplier magic...

We've taken principles from exercise and applied them to making or breaking habits in all areas of life.  We call it the Multiplier Magic, and we use it to create Freedom from hindering Habits, and allows us to move towards enabling Habits. 

Freedom from bad habits is simple:

F. Focus on one aspect at a time

R. Regular, repeated activities are essential.  R also stands for Rest.  While it is important to take action, it is just as important to take a break every now and then.  Give the body and mind a chance to recover.

E. Easy does it.  It must be very easy to start, so that the habit can be ingrained without any perceived pain.

E. Extend yourself slightly each time.  If you start off this week running 10 meters, next week make it 11.  After a couple of weeks, you'll be running 20m easily.

D. Diversify.  Let's face it.  If it's boring, we won't keep at it.  have fun and change the routine often.

O. Observe yourself and your response, and make changes as you go along.  If you don't measure your progress in some way, how do you know what you've achieved.

M. Multiply.  By making lots of little changes, you'll start to see huge benefits.  It's the power of compounding.  Add a bit each week and watch yourself grow.

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