These are the habits of really annoying but good friends

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Best friends are great, they are your best buddy first and foremost but somehow they can be really annoying sometimes. Even at their most annoying moment, don't forget that they are your buddy, and believe it or not you are probably just as annoying.


If they are your best buds despite all their annoying habits, then you're their best bud because you're also annoying.

Alden Tans article is on the habits of highly annoying good friends. Your good friends are your buddies, but somehow they’re also annoying.

Despite being annoying, they are your best friends, so this just means one thing too: You are just as annoying because it takes one to know one.

Best of all, these good friends are annoying because they don’t mean to.

Annoying habits that your best friend has

Check out some of the habits of highly annoying good friends: 

1. Dishing out a “spoiler”

You know when you’re the only one who hasn’t watched a movie or a TV series and your friends are like, “Oh the ending is [insert random dramatic event]. Haha just joking!”?

That’s annoying. Because then you’re “wired” to think about what they said no matter what. You’re so suspicious that you start to think it’s true!

Worse, sometimes, they even dish out a real spoiler. 

2. Borrowing a small amount of money

And because it’s so small, they don’t bother to return what was owed.

Touchy issue here. All of us have a different grasp of the concept of money: $10 can be a small amount if you’ve got money, but $10 can mean a lot when you’re broke.

And it’s annoying when your friends don’t pay back and when you do ask for it, they call you “anal”, “cheapskate”, “money face” or whatever. 

3. Talking too much to your girlfriend or boyfriend

Isn’t it weird when some of your friends add your girlfriend or boyfriend on Facebook, start chatting with them a lot or even ask them out? And this is when you JUST introduced your partner to them.

It’s another touchy issue as anyone can claim it’s within the boundaries of creating new friendships.

But it’s annoying because such friends do not get the idea that there’s a fine line between treating your partner as a friend, and respecting the fact your partner is not their friend, but merely their friend’s partner.

4. Talking to your ex

Especially when they weren’t even that close to begin with. Nuff said. 

5. Nobody shows up on time

It always starts with one late idiot. A mere 10 minutes can soon drag to a whole hour.

Soon enough, nobody shows up on time because nobody wants to wait. And the one who’s actually nice enough to show up on time would end up waiting.

You can’t really voice out your concerns either as they might call you impatient. 

6. Screwing up at the work or job you hooked them up with

You’ve roped in your good friend into the office, thinking that he has potential. But alas, he messes it up and even managed to piss the boss off.

The annoying part? He doesn’t get it. He believes that it’s his own problem at work and does not get the fact that he has thrown your “face”. You’re just going to have to deal with the fact that you were that guy who brought in the lousy worker. 

7. Tagging you in rubbish

Because the video, article or picture they found is so funny. Not. It sucks to be greeted with so many notifications only to find that it’s all crap.

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