Snacking habits that will make you a winner

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Snacking or grazing, is either a very good habit or a very bad one. Not everyone needs to snack, but if you are a busy person, trying to fit in exercise or and athlete at the top of your game on the go all day, regular 'top-ups' can be a very healthy habit for you. Take a look at the snacking habits that will you a winner.

In this article from the authors of biznews, ‘snacking’, is the topic of conversation. Depending on who you speak to, snacking (aka grazing, or eating small amounts frequently or between meals) is a very good habit or a very bad one. Some specialists say it’s good, as long as you ‘don’t consume too many calories over the day’ and have ‘a healthy balance of foods and drinks’. Some also say snacking throughout the day is preferable to eating three times a day, and carbs make much better snacks than protein foods. 

Snacking habits from the best


Chad le Clos – professional swimmer, Olympic gold medalist

“My training in the lead up to swimming events is intense, and I rely on snacks to give me enough energy throughout the day to best prepare me for my training sessions – hours and hours in the pool! My favourite healthy snacks on most days are biltong, nuts and bananas.”    

Liesel Laurie – Miss South Africa

“As the current reigning Miss SA, my days are filled with media and charity events, and I rely on healthy snacks throughout the day to keep my energy levels up and to make sure I’m eating well. I am a big fan of dried fruit and unsalted nuts, which I keep in my handbag wherever I go. “     

Elana Meyer – Team Vitality ambassador, silver Olympic medalist

“I often have days where I run from meeting to meeting and know that with a packet of lean biltong or assorted raw nuts, I will never run out of energy!”     

Lisa Raleigh – fitness personality and wellness activist

“I find that being prepared is a key healthy eating strategy to implement. I stock my fridge with set snacks, and have portable options on hand to slot into my bag or car. A regular snack of mine is a plate of cucumber, boiled eggs, carrot and cheese sticks, coupled with a hummus dip.”    

ProVerb – Rapper, Idols SA presenter

“When it comes to a healthy snack, my go-to is fruit. I always pack a banana or an apple, and even dried fruit is handy, especially when I’m travelling or busy. My kids always have a fruit or two in their lunch box, and I try to lead by example, by encouraging them to eat healthy snacks at school.”   

Daryl Impey – professional cyclist, Tour de France yellow jersey stage winner

“The best snack after a long day in the saddle for me is an apple and melon smoothie with a touch of mint and chia seeds. Blended together, this makes a nutritious, refreshing drink, but at the same time is very filling. If I am still a bit hungry, I’ll snack on some raw nuts.”  

Jonathan Boyton-Lee – Top Billing presenter

“When I’m on set for long shoot days, I have raw nuts or biltong on hand. I find the occasional block or two of dark chocolate helps to satisfy my sweet cravings.”      

Bruce Fordyce – Team Vitality ambassador, nine-time Comrades Marathon winner

“I snack on almonds and walnuts, and on biltong throughout the day. I also enjoy strawberries and blueberries.”

The bad 'snacking' habit

One bad snacking habit, is the sugar habit. Sugar makes us feel good, it gives us the boost we need when we are feeling down.  The worst part about this is that sugar is addictive.

Kick the sugar habit by following these tips on the Life Habit

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