Breakfast time habits of successful people

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Making a habit of what you do every morning to start your day can be affecting your success. This is how the best start their day, from waking early (and getting enough sleep) to what they eat and do to get the day started.

What does a real breakfast of champions look like? James Cave has collected this information from insanely successful business people. If you wish to start your days as successfully as Jack Dorsey started Twitter, have a look at these tips.

The morning routines of several successful entrepreneurs

These are the morning routines of successful entrepreneurs, from what they eat to their first activity of the day.

Richard Branson - Virgin Group founder

Breakfast - Fruit salad and muesli (occasionally kippers)

Branson leaves his curtains open for an early morning rise and exercise. I can understand that not everyone is a morning person, and that we all function optimally with different amounts of sleep. Waking up early is a habit of which you must work on to maintain. The benefits are amazing.

Jack Dorsey - Square CEO and Twitter co-founder

Breakfast - Two hard-boiled eggs with soy sauce.

He wakes up at 5.30am, meditates and goes for a six-mile jog.

How are you going to turn meditation into a sustainable habit? To get the extraordinary benefits that meditation and mindfulness have to offer, you need to practice consistently. To achieve new levels of clarity, relaxation, focus, and mindful presence, you need to find a way to make meditation a regular part of your routine.

Brad Lande - Birchbox, Head of Birchbox Man

Breakfast - Hot lemon water, followed by a smoothie (banana, blueberries, kale, bee pollem, almond butter and coconut water)

Brad Lande wakes up early and starts his day with 20 minutes of mediation.

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook CEO

Breakfast - Whatever

Mark Zuckerberg doesn't waste time on 'silly' decisions, he eats whatever takes him in the moment. He puts on identical outfits each day to avoid wasting time. 

To maximize energy and effort for high-impact and creative decisions, entrepreneurs need to minimize as many day-to-day choices as possible. This can be as simple as eating the same breakfast every morning or giving each day of the week a goal-related theme. Minimizing low-impact decision making is a good habit.


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