The top 7 habits to do every Monday morning for a successful week

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You will never be 100% ready to change. Don't wait for the 'perfect' time. It will never come. Start today.


How you start your Monday morning could well be affecting the success of your entire week. Create the correct life habits for first thing on a Monday morning and you will be on your way to achieving great things this week.

Our habit techniques are designed to make sure you build great sustainable habits, and destroy old, destructive ones.

Monday morning habits of successful people

'We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but rather a habit.' Building the correct habits to help you thrive throughout your week starts by breaking the habits that are holding you back. Starting your week off well first thing on a Monday morning will tee you up for a good day, week, month and even the year.

Be ready, prepare on Sunday night what you will eat for breakfast, what you will be wearing and most importantly set out your exercise clothes. I find having a training partner really does help my Monday morning habits. Even if I have had a busy weekend and I feel as if Monday might climb all over me, if I know that my partner is standing at the gate waiting for me in the morning freeze to go for a run, I am far less likely to press the snooze the button.

Choose one of these habits of healthy people, focus on one aspect at a time. By starting small you will be more likely to create the habit of a good Monday morning. What I mean by this is, whether it be setting your alarm five minutes earlier or running for an extra five minutes each week, small increments will allow the habit to be ingrained without any perceived pain.

The Top 7 habits you must make on a Monday morning

1. Wake up early

I can understand that not everyone is a morning person, and that we all function optimally with different amounts of sleep. I haven't always been an early riser, waking up early is a habit of which you must work on to maintain. The benefits are amazing. Be sure to get an early enough sleep to help you wake up early enough to be well and truly ready for the week that lies ahead.

2. Exercise

Exercising and keeping fit have some great benefits. Exercise helps to keep you healthy, it helps you sleep better, improves your mood and certainly gives you more energy to tackle the challenges that Monday can bring. Make regular exercise a priority on a Monday morning. Build healthy habits for your Monday morning.

3. Eat a healthy breakfast    

Making a habit of what you do every morning to start your day can be affecting your success. This is how the best start their day, from waking early (and getting enough sleep) to what they eat and do to get the day started.

Set your breakfast out on a Sunday night. This will minimize the chances of taking an unhealthy option. It will also allow to focus on high impact decisions first thing on a Monday morning.

4. Greet your team and boss

Start the day in the best way possible by making a conscious effort to greet the people you work with. You have heard it all before, a smile can make some one else's day. Remember that you want to be around positive people all the time, and you can be the difference in your office by simply greeting correctly and offering a smile to those around you.

If you work from home, you can send a pleasant email to your boss with your goals for the week and wish them well for theirs. I email a good friend of mine on a Monday morning of my goals for the week, my work, personal and fitness goals. He will then reply with his and then we check up on each other at the end of the week.

5. Update to do lists and goals

Set your goals for the week that lies ahead. First thing on a Monday morning you should write down at least 3 things that you are grateful for in your journal. Below this, scribble down your goals and how you plan to achieve them by Friday. If you don't write your goals down they are just a wish.

6. Visualize the weeks successes 

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” ~Aristotle. You have all heard that before. Meditation is a useful tool to help you succeed and control that Sunday night or Monday morning anxiety. Here you will find how to turn meditation into a sustainable habit.

7. Tackle the tough challenges first

Monday mornings can leave you in a bad place if you spend too much time worrying about the little things. Write your to do list early and prioritize those things that you deem the toughest. Get started, crush your Monday morning.


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